Start from the Teme Street car park (No.1) or King’s Head (No.14)

Walk down the path at the side of the library

1    When is ‘the Hub’ closed?

Turn right onto Teme Street and continue to the border!

2    Why should they be celebrating at no 81?

3    When was the workhouse erected?

4    When was the bridge partly rebuilt and widened?
Cross over the road and turn left

5    Where might you buy gifts from a foreign land?

Turn right up the footpath signposted to the Community Centre and St Mary’s Church (Church Walk)

6    When did Tenbury Trail start?

7    Which number might blow you away?

Turn left into Church Street

8    Where is FP12?

9    What did Mary Chesterton’s friends do?
Continue on to Market Square  

10    Where is the compass?

11    Where can you see a cow?

Turn right into Cross Street keeping on the right hand side

12    Who would you phone on 811011?
13    What did Arthur Allen do in 1990?

Cross the road at the house named after a county town and turn left

14        What is Goff’s school now used for?

15        What did Sarah Foster do in 1860?

Continue into Market Street

16        How many stone bearded faces can you see?

17        B4204 to where?

Cross the road opposite The Crow and start along the footpath

18        How far is it to the Police Station?

19    Who was Thomas Cranston?

20    Where does the town council meet?

Return to The Car Park  OR CONTINUE FROM CLUE 1



1    Wednesdays and Weekends
2    Jubilee
3    1837
4    1908 or 2012
5    Casa Portugesa
6    2008
7    1
8    On the wall of no 12
9    Erected the gates on the church in her memory
10    9 Market St, Freemason’s Lodge
11    Either of 2 answers
    Outside The Cage – on Tenbury Trail sign
    On the weather vane above Marilyn’s dress shop
12    Phil at the Clockhouse
13    Donated seat outside Methodist hall
14    Tenbury Museum
15    Converted Tenbury National School into 4 houses
16    4
17    Clifton
18    380 yds
19       Spot the deliberate mistake! Apologies it was James Cranston not  
           Thomas who was the architect of the Pump rooms and the Round
20    Pump rooms