Tenbury and District Museum Society
Minutes of the 2017 AGM
Thursday 30th November 2017

Present:  Total of 13 members and visitors.  All were welcomed including the visitors who were not members of the Society.
Apologies:  were received from:  Tracey Morris;  Philippa Lees;  John & Alice Meager;  Mazella Witts-Hewinson;  Kate & Mike Harley;  Lyn Archer;  Richard Franklin;  Pam Brooks;  Jenny Garnan;  Janet Penn;  Caroline Palethorpe.
1. Minutes of the last AGM:  Proposed as a correct record:  Tony Penn; Seconded: Dick Fox and approved by members present.
2. Matters arising:  There were no matters which were not listed for discussion on the agenda.
3. Chairman’s Report:  See attached.
4. Treasurer’s Report:  See attached.  Dave noted that the museum is the vehicle for the heritage project “Hidden Tenbury”.  This was only recently successful in its bid for Heritage Lottery funding and the first tranche of £12,000 has been paid in without any expenditure to the close of account.  The basic account without this skew shows that the operation of the Museum has was comfortably covered by income without any particular item of note.
Acceptance of the Account was proposed by Mark Willis and seconded by Monica Rees.  All members present in favour.
5. Proposal “That the Tenbury & District Museum Society merge with Tenbury History Society”:  Some discussion in the meeting on some matter of detail how the accounts would be organised.  Dave responded that for the first year the History Society fund would be used solely for the programme already planned for the previous History Society.
The motion was proposed by Liz Finlay and seconded by Dick Fox.  All members present in favour.
First EGM of the Tenbury Wells Museum and History Group.
6. Approval of the constitution to recognise the new Group:
Proposed by Liz Finlay and seconded by Tony Penn.  All members present in favour.  The document will be formally signed by the Committee (The Trustees) at the first Committee Meeting of the new Group.
7. Election of Officers:
There were no nominations to the Secretary nor any from the floor today.
Chairman: Liz Finlay: willing to stand.  All in favour.
Vice Chairman:  Mike Watkins: Proposed Mike Thompson; Seconded Liz Finlay.  All in favour.
Secretary: Mike Thompson: willing to stand.  All in favour.
Treasurer: David Patrick: willing to stand.  All in favour.
8. Election of other Committee Members and Volunteer Roles. 
(There were no nominations to the Secretary nor any from the floor today.)
Current Committee Members of the Museum Society are:  Monica Rees;  Philippa Lees;  Tracey Morris;  Phil Rees;  Dawn Brueton;  all willing to stand.  A block vote was taken - All in favour.
AGM 2017 closed at 7.56
The evening rounded off with some light refreshment.  Dave Patrick was taking payment for new and renewing membership and Mike Watkins was on hand to take members choices for the Christmas Lunch.



Chairman’s report 2017

As I predicted at last year’s AGM it has been another hectic year. We submitted the paperwork for accreditation in January and I am pleased to announce we received full accredited status in the Spring. We now only have 2 years before we need to submit again!

The questionnaire on the future of Tenbury Museum was completed and collated as part of the Feasibility study carried out by cmp consult. It showed overwhelming support for a museum in the town with most respondents thinking a move is necessary. There were a few interesting suggestions as to where it should be, some of which we have followed up but the Old Fire Station still remains the favourite. Now Tesco has opened the store we have resumed communications and hope to secure a lease. Of course this is only the beginning as we will need a grant from HLF, a plan to boost our income and an increase in volunteer numbers. These are all explored in more detail in the Feasibility study.

Last year we voted unanimously, in principle, to merge with the History Society this has meant work needed to be done to prepare the ground for the decision to be made today. A small Working Party has produced the new constitution and proposed the new name and subscriptions for next year. More of that later! 

This year the museum celebrated its 40th anniversary. As part of our celebrations we placed 40 objects from the museum in various shops around the town. This proved a good way to engender interest in the museum and the shopkeepers reported it got people looking in the windows and reminiscing. We have been asked to carry out a similar exercise for the 1918 centenary celebrations next year. The tea party at the King’s Head over the weekend of the anniversary was well attended and gave us some welcome publicity.

We have had several new volunteers again this year, Tracey Morris took on the role of Collections Care and has been busy organising and correcting the spreadsheet holding all the information regarding the objects held in the museum. Dawn Brueton has taken on Publicity and has set us up a Facebook page. Robert Robinson has taken on the Researcher role and has gone back into the Enquiries book and answered some queries. He also searched the newspapers for information regarding the Regal to help with their anniversary celebrations. If the merger is agreed Mike Watkins will stand for Vice Chairman and take on the role of Archivist. We will need an Events Organiser to arrange the programme for 2019 and beyond plus a Fundraiser. Any offers?

We have continued to open the Pump Rooms one Saturday a month, this will increase to two after Easter, as long as there are no weddings of course!  Applefest brought many visitors to the town, over 100 of whom came into the Pump Rooms. Combined Visitor numbers for this year show an 18% rise and continue the upward trend from previous years. Details of both numbers and the regional profile of our visitors are available. 

Last but by no means least we have secured HLF finding for a digital project we are calling Hidden Tenbury. This will enable visitors to access information via their mobile phones or tablets from ten sites around the town. We are launching this here in The Pump Rooms on December 16th from 10am and are looking for those with stories to tell or who would just like to be involved. We hope this will encourage  younger visitors to the town and the museum.


I would like to thank all the volunteers and committee for making 2017 a very successful year and look forward to 2018.