Tenbury Museum was opened in 1977 and is administered by the Tenbury Wells Museum and History Group, a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. 
Its objective is t
o advance the education of the public in Tenbury and the surrounding area by:

a)  Providing and maintaining a museum within or near Tenbury and to acquire, preserve, and display items of historical interest relating to Tenbury and its environs; 

b) Undertaking and promoting research into the history of Tenbury and its environs, the useful results of which will be published for the public benefit;

c) Assisting, in conjunction with other interested parties and societies, in the conservation of Tenbury’s historical buildings and amenities.


Day to day management is undertaken by a Governing Committee, members of which are elected annually from the membership at its AGM, the last was held on 3rd March, 2022.

Current Officers and Ordinary Members of the Governing Committee:


Chairman – Steven Malek
Vice-chairman - Philip Rees
Secretary – Tracey Morris
Treasurer – David Patrick

Ordinary Members –  Richard Franklin, Kay Longmore, Jill Malek, Tony Penn, Monica Rees.
The committee includes a representative from T
enbury Town Council.

Annual subscription to the Group is £15.00.  If you would like to join, contact us on our email address info@tenburymuseum.org.uk.

The museum is staffed by volunteer stewards whose role is to ensure that visitors have as enjoyable a time as possible whilst also looking after the collection.  We are always looking for more stewards, no previous experience is necessary, just enthusiasm for the history of the area.  If you are interested in volunteering to work in a friendly atmosphere, help maintain historic Tenbury and become a valued part of the community, please go to the Volunteer tab and complete the application form there.  Or alternatively, come and see the steward on duty or contact us on our email address info@tenburymuseum.org.uk.


During the closed season there is always plenty of conservation work to keep us busy,

so if this interests you more, get in touch.