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Tenbury Museum exists to tell the story of the rich social history and heritage of Tenbury Wells and its vicinity (defined as up to 10 miles from the Round Market) by collecting, preserving, interpreting and displaying objects, photographs and ephemera that represent the history of the town and its vicinity for the benefit of local people and visitors to the area.

Collections and displays
The museum collections reflect life and work in a small market town set within a once bustling countryside. Agriculture, especially hop-growing, is represented, as are some associated agricultural trades including coopering and farrier work. Visitors can view a small number of archaeological finds, ranging from Ammonite fossils to Bronze Age axe heads, Roman mosaic floor tiles to Elizabethan coins. Most artefacts relate to the commercial, civic and domestic life of Tenbury Wells and its surrounding districts, particularly from the late 19th/mid-20th centuries. As a small museum it is unable to accommodate large items but there is an expanding image and ephemera collection as well as a small audio collection of Tenbury memories recorded in association with Tenbury U3A.  Photography within the museum is prohibited.



This loaned item is one of the earliest in the museum and a very important item for the history of Tenbury as it was found attached to the document of 1249 allowing the establishment of a market in Tenbury.
Our thanks to the Baylies Trust for loaning it to the museum.



During 2012/13 the fountain and bathroom items from Tenbury Pump Rooms, which have been on display in the museum for many years, were relocated to the Pump Rooms and can be viewed in their original location. Conservation of the fountain and the relocation have been supported by grants from Worcestershire County Council. 

Also of particular interest are:

1.      Early 18th Century Long Case Clock & Barometer, made by Phillips of Tenbury

2.     Edwardian kitchen: a display of domestic items in a room setting.

3.     Henry Hickman collection– this, mainly archive material of the family, marks the medical celebrity

        Henry Hickman (1800-1830) who had a practice in Teme Street and regarded as a pioneer of           


5.   Tenbury Advertisers (1871-1993) – digitised copies of the local newspaper available for computer search

        in the museum, (a copy has been given to the Library for access at other times).

7.    Tenbury Voices – press button recordings of memories of Tenbury.


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