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As a unique source of both local and British history, Tenbury Wells Museum is full of potential for learning and creativity. A museum visit can bring learning to life and provide the stimulus for follow up work in the classroom or activity group.

Schools and groups can participate in cross curricular related programmes offered either as in-house or outreach sessions, which are designed to support specific schemes of work where possible. When appropriate, hands-on sessions of object handling, role play and practical activities are included in the sessions.

Adult groups are also welcome at the museum for a self guided visit or following a specific request for a talk on a subject of particular interest.


Specialist teaching sessions led by an educational specialist currently on offer:

Great Grandma’s House
Using the museum’s collection of 19th and 20th Century domestic items, pupils experience through object handling and observation, a vocabulary exercise and fun hands-on rotational activities the methods of cleaning and laundry life in Victorian and Edwardian times.

Victorian Schooldays
With great emphasis placed on role play participation by your pupils, this programme re-creates the experiences of a child attending school in Victorian times including those in Tenbury. By using archive photographs and original artefacts, sessions cover the schoolroom, the school day and subjects taught, as well as behaviour and discipline
NB. This programme can be an in-house or outreach session.





Tailor made by you
Where possible, learning experiences looking at the museum’s collections with a specific learning theme of your choice, can also be created by request.


Further planned educational programmes include:

Timber and Bricks – Tenbury’s buildings
A chance to discover some of the town’s buildings from timber framed to Georgian and Victorian brick. The programme will include a power point presentation as well as demonstrations of the method of construction for both timber and brick buildings. NB. This programme would be an outreach session

Life and Leisure
Opportunities to learn about the costume, accessories, leisure activities and pastimes of both children and adults, through the museum’s varied and interesting collections. Object handling and hands-on activities will also be included.


Visit information:

  • In-house educational sessions are offered at the following days and times -
    Mon and Wed-all day;    Tues, Thurs, Fridays-1:30 pm – 4:00 pm
    Small charges apply per session.

  • Due to the size of the museum, in house sessions are only offered to school group sizes of 15 – 20 pupils; however two consecutive sessions can be offered.

  • Outreach sessions are offered as a whole class session with museum objects etc., brought to your school.

  • All programmes are risk assessed and copies can be provided.

  • A supervision rate of 1 adult to every 10 children is requested, 1 to 6 for young children.


Further important information related to school group sessions is sent out with a booking letter confirming your visit details.

For more details regarding Tenbury Museum’s Learning Service please contact Monica Rees: 01584 819254

Comment from a recent Primary School user:

The school loan boxes and subsequent visit linked perfectly to the National Curriculum - particularly, significant places in our locality and events beyond living memory.  The children really enjoyed visiting the museum! They loved seeing the artefacts and actually using some of them. It was so useful having the inkpens and slate boards too. Thank You!

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